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Helping you solve animal behaviour problems &
training needs in London 



  • Is your cat scratching your furniture to bits?
  • Spraying all over your home?
  • Fighting with the neighbours' cat?
  • Too nervous or shy of anyone and/or everything?
  • Urinating in interesting places?
  • Have you recently introduced a new cat?


  • Have you recently brought home a puppy?
  • Is your dog jumping, chewing, biting and grabbing everything?
  • Fearful of other people and/or dogs?
  • Pulling on the lead?
  • Over-excitable?
  • Do you need help with house training?
  • Frightened by sudden or loud noises?

Tellington TTouch

  • Do you live with small creatures, exotics or rescued farmed animals?
  • Are they shy or fearful?
  • Recently injured?
  • Need help in enriching their lives?
  • Stressed?
  • Lack of appetite?


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