Helping you solve animal behaviour problems & training needs in London


  • Is your cat scratching your furniture to bits?
  • Spraying all over your home?
  • Are your cats fighting with each other?
  • Anxious or fearful?
  • Urinating outside the litter tray?
  • Do you need help with introducing a new cat?
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  • Have you recently brought home a puppy?
  • Is your dog jumping up, chewing, biting and grabbing everything?
  • Fearful of other people and/or dogs?
  • Does your dog pull on the lead like a train?
  • Over-excitable?
  • Do you need help with house training?
  • Frightened by sudden or loud noises?
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Some of our top locations covered for puppy training: Barnet, Haringey, Friern, Muswell Hill

Some of our top locations covered for Dogs & Babies training: Haringey

Dog Separation Issues Barnet


"Vicky was my local trainer during the filming of Channel 4's Rescue Dog to Super Dog. Vicky is a wonderful dog trainer with a real talent in training nervous dogs." 
Emily R
“Thanks again for your time and ideas. You made me look at the whole situation with fresh eyes and – a little like ‘super nanny’ for cats – you have left a calmer, happier, less smelly household.” 
Penny R