Cat Behaviour 

Help with Cat Behaviour

  • Is your cat scratching your furniture being scratched to bits?
  • Spraying inside your home?
  • Toileting outside the litter tray?
  • Are your cats fighting with each other?
  • Anxious or fearful?
  • Biting or scratching you?
  • Do you need help Introducing a new cat?
Using gentle and kind techniques, I can help with all your cat's issues. I work on vet referrals to rule out any underlying medical causes.


Consultations take place in your home and generally last about an hour and a half to two hours. A summary of recommendations will be sent to you. Following this, I provide a further 8 weeks of email support.


Cat behaviour consultation in your home: £120 including a report with the summary of recommendations and follow-up phone or Skype session

Skype sessions for clients living outside of the Greater London area or international clients: £95
Contact me now at or call me on 07791 387373 to arrange a home visit or a Skype call