Dog Training North London

Does your dog

  • jump up?
  • chew everything?
  • pull on the lead?
  • toilet indoors?
  • run in the opposite direction when you call him/her?
Contact me to help you with these training issues in fun and rewarding training sessions

Prices for Dog Training 

First session: £75
Follow-on sessions: £50


Dog Behaviour Consultations in North London

 Does your Dog

  • bark so much that he/she is disturbing your neighbours?
  • need help in redirecting natural behaviours into more appropriate outlets?
  • suffer from separation distress?
  • bark and lunge at other dogs or people?
  • guard his food, toys, objects or space against you or other animals?
 Sometimes dog behaviour problems are a result of medical issues, which is why I always work on a vet referral to rule out this possibility in North London

I can help with these and other issues, and aid you and your family attain more harmony and balance in your home.

Contact me to arrange a time when I can come over and discuss and help you with a training and behaviour programme.

The price is £165 including the programme of recommendations plus a follow-up session.
For separation distress related cases, I continue with email/FaceTime support as these can take longer to resolve. 

Walking on loose lead, dog sitting, relaxed dog