Tellington TTouch

TTouch is a complimentary training method of touch and movement for animals that relaxes them so they can think and make better choices. TTouch is based on the key principle that the physical state of the body has a direct effect on the emotional state of the mind. Change one and you change the other.

The principles of TTouch can be applied to any species of animal from companion animals such as cats, rabbits, dogs, small rodents, to cows, sheep, hens, and even reptiles and big cats. Training and Tellington TTouch work very well together.

Learning just a few of the body TTouches can make a difference to a dog or cat's life.

I can help you and your dogs and cats, exotics or rescued farmed animals with:
  • excessive barking
  • car sickness
  • fear of handling
  • excitability and nervousness
  • lead pulling
  • fear and shyness

TTouch Training Sessions

These are conducted in your home, your garden, or where appropriate, at your local park.
  1. The first session is about two hours.
  2. Following this, a brief summary of the points we covered in the session will be sent to you.
  3. Further sessions will be possible on request*.
*Three sessions are generally ideal when working with TTouch in order for you and your companion animal to become fully confident with the techniques and different touches.


Initial session: £85
Follow-up sessions: £50
or a block of 3 sessions: £165
Travel fees may apply

Note: TTouch is not a substitute for veteTTouch groundworkrinary care, and I always recommend a visit to the vet when any change in physical or emotional behaviour is first observed.
Once you have been assured that the issues are not medically related, please contact me here


TTouch free groundwork