Puppy Training Barnet

Puppy training Barnet
Billie, puppy training with Happy Dogs and Cats

Are you thinking of bringing home a puppy soon in Barnet?

Would you like help to start off on the best path to give you and the puppy the greatest chance of a happy life together for many years to come?

The best time to start teaching your puppy how to live in our human world is now, either before you bring the puppy home, or as soon as you do so. At the same time, it is never too late to start learning.

The reason puppies need so much help learning to live with us in Barnet, is that natural puppy behaviours such as jumping up, digging, chewing, exploring the world with their mouths tend to not be acceptable. I help you and your puppy find acceptable outlets for these natural behaviours. With jumping up, puppies jump up for many reasons, some of which include greeting, excitement, seeking attention, or when worried. I always seek to understand the emotions behind behaviours, and then it is possible to help the puppy either greet in a different way, or if worried, to help them feel more confident.

As Jean Donaldson, author of The Culture Clash says, a confident dog is a sociable dog.

Chewing is another natural and important part of a dog’s life. By offering many possible healthy chewing outlets starting with stuffed Kongs, (sometimes frozen), we can help redirect puppy chewing onto many appropriate chew toys. The advantage of these is that they are both physically and mentally satisfying and can give your puppy hours of satisfaction, and give you some time to focus elsewhere.

Dogs when living together in loose groupings will spend a large part or the entire day and night together, and are far more sociable than us, a very sociable species. When puppies come and live with us, we need to help them learn how to feel comfortable when left alone, and help them not to panic. This is done slowly.


These are just a few areas where I help your puppy learn to live a happy, relaxed life with you. If would like me to come and help you and your puppy in the Barnet area please contact me now