Puppy Training Haringey

Skye, puppy training with Happy Dogs and Cats

Would you like some training advice before bringing home your puppy in Haringey?
I have helped many puppies learn to be polite around people and other dogs.
The puppies learn in fun ways how to settle when you are busy, they learn how to come back when you call them, and what items are appropriate to chew.

Some puppies are more excitable than others, and we can help them to focus on appropriate chew toys and give them a variety of interactive food games. This gives the puppy something else to do instead of jumping up at you all the time or following you from room to room. I also show you how to help the puppy feel confident spending a few minutes and more a day doing his or her own activities.

As dogs are very sociable beings, we need to help them and teach them from puppyhood, that they can be relaxed and happy when they are on their own for a very short while. This we always do very slowly and always at the pace of the puppy.

If a puppy is taken away too young from their mum and siblings, they may not learn all of the necessary skills to help them in later life. For example, when puppies are playing with their siblings, and one of them bites the other too hard, the bitten puppy will either squeal and move away and stop playing or simply move away. We imitate what puppies would do and similarly stop playing by going still for a few seconds, or if the puppy continues to bite too hard, we move away for about 20 seconds. The biting puppy learns that when he/she bites too hard, they lose their playmate. When this happens a few times, puppies soon learn to soften their mouth, and eventually to not mouth at all.


If you would like me to help you live happy and harmonious lives with your puppy in Haringey and give them the best start, contact me now