Dogs and Babies Training Haringey

Are you thinking of having a baby, pregnant, or in the process of adopting a baby or child in the Haringey area?

Are you concerned about how your dog will respond to the new person in his/her life?

I can help you prepare for a harmonious life with your baby and dog to help ensure smooth transitions through the many changes from pregnancy onwards. Dogs have such sensitive noses and pick up the subtlest of changes in hormones. Helping dogs feel comfortable with the many changes, such as changes in your physical shape to the many environmental changes such as when the baby paraphernalia starts accumulating, will help them feel more confident overall.

Preparing your dog in Haringey with some training games such as feeling relaxed enough to settle on a mat in different parts of the room when asked, being able to move from A-B easily when asked, and to happily go off to pick up a toy or a treat. Teaching drop and trade games can help to prepare dogs to feel happy with dropping something in anticipation for something of equal or higher value. Teaching these training games with your dog when you still have time and energy will all be invaluable preparation.

If your dog spends a lot of time with you, we can help him learn other fun ways to occupy himself so when you are busy feeding or changing the baby, he is accustomed to his own food puzzles and other activities.

I can also work with you to prepare and plan the environment and set it up so there are no additional changes once the baby is there.


If you would like me to help you prepare for life with your dog and baby in Haringey, contact me now