Puppy training - Friern Barnet

Do you need help with a tiny chewing, biting puppy in the Friern area?

Need help to settle your pup at night?

Puppies are wonderful yet need help when coming to live with us. Many of the natural behaviours of puppies, such as exploring the world with their mouths, and jumping up can get them into trouble.

Puppies greet their mum is by jumping up to see if she has anything to feed them and they often continue this as a greeting behaviour with us, as we are so much taller than them. We can teach them different behaviours when greeting.

Learning how to feel safe when left alone is an important life skill to teach puppies, as when living with other dogs, they would spend much of the day and night exploring, relaxing and sleeping close together.

As puppies move faster than us, to prevent frustration, we can teach them to slow down to our pace when going on walks.

It is not obvious to puppies that they must only toilet outside, but they can learn where to toilet in a few weeks using kind, positive methods.

If you would like help with integrating your puppy into your family and setting them up to live harmoniously with you in the Friern area, call me now.

See prices below Prices:

Initial 2 hour session: £65
Follow-up 1hour sessions: £50
A block of 4 sessions: £205