About me

I work using only positive, kind and gentle methods of training so your dog or cat can think and make better choices. 

I obtained the Advanced Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour from COAPE (Centre for Applied Pet Ethology), and qualified as a Tellington TTouch Practitioner P1 for Companion Animals. I am also a Real Dog Yoga Instructor, helping dogs to feel calm and relaxed.

I am also a licensed Family Paws Parent Educator helping to prepare expectant and new families for life with dogs or cats.

I work on vet referrals to make sure the presenting behaviours have not resulted from a physical cause.

Photographs are all copyrighted Vicky Alhadeff.


  • Family Paws Parent Educator, August 2017 - helping people with dogs prepare for life with baby and/toddler
  • Real Dog Yoga Instructor, July 2016
  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) assessment passed November 2015
  • Tellington TTouch Practitioner P1 for Companion Animals, 2009-2012
  • Canine Rescue & Rehabilitation Course, COAPE, passed with Distinction, 2010
  • Advanced Diploma in Practical Aspects of Companion Animal Behaviour and Training. Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE), 2006-2007
  • Think Cat! (COAPE), passed with Distinction, Intermediate Award in Feline Behaviour. Special study completed at the Wood Green Animal Shelter, 2005-2006
  • BA Psychology and Social Anthropology, University of Cape Town, 1973-1975
  • The IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers: Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour, January 2015
  • Photojournalism, London College of Printing, 1985-1986
  • Diploma in Photography, School of Modern Photography, 1979-1980
Link to my first published story in Kitten Rescue Tales: https://www.generation2050project.org/kitten-rescue-tales
Vicky Alhadeff interviewed by London Confidential online magazine