You can read about some of the cases I have dealt with below and discover the difference professional intervention can make to build a happy home and relationship with your companion animal:

Poppy, anxious, barking stray, featured on Channel 4's Rescue Dog to Super Dog

Vicky was my local trainer during the filming of Channel 4's Rescue Dog to Super Dog. Vicky is a wonderful dog trainer with a real talent in training nervous dogs. Poppy came to me as a challenging, anxious stray. She used to bark for hours, was very destructive and never settled. Poppy had separation anxiety and was extremely nervous on main roads and public transport. She had no impulse control around food and a high chase drive. But, after 6 months of Vicky's help, Poppy is now a very happy support dog and beloved family pet.
Poppy has changed my life for the better, and I can't thank Vicky enough for being part of that journey!
Emily R


Pebbles, urinating all over the house

"Thanks again for your time and ideas. You made me look at the whole situation with fresh eyes and - a little like 'super nanny' for cats - you have left a calmer, happier, less smelly household."
Penny R


Jesse, lab, fearful of handling by strangers

Everything has gone so very well and I was silently thanking you in my head this week when Jesse had to put a muzzle on in the vets (she had a very painful inflamed ear infection which the vet needed to work on), and thanks to being familiar and happy with muzzles as per your advice - she didn't react in the slightest to the muzzle and all went very smoothly.
Although things are 100% improved, I still feel it will be good to stabilise things further. My family got a lot of confidence from your last visit, so we will welcome your input with the next stage.
Noreen S


Poppy, StaffieXBoxer, barking at all movement outside, fearful of noises and going outside 

We have had such a brilliant evening with her I can't believe it. We've seen SUCH an improvement in Poppy's barking at the back door and window!! I can't quite believe it! You've honestly already made such  difference to our lives and we are so, so grateful. I don't think I'll ever be able to thank you enough. 
Penny F


Help with cat behaving aggressively

My 6-year-old cat suddenly became very aggressive (scratching and biting) towards my husband and I. Vicky came to our home and helped us figure out what the problem was and suggested solutions that actually worked! Vicky is very professional, attentive and passionate about her job. She taught us a lot about cat behaviour and made a difference in our cat's life and ours. A year has passed by and our cat is super sweet, playful and happy. Sometimes I just can't believe the change! Vicky, I will be forever grateful.


Poppy, young, jumping, bouncing, very active cockapoo

Vicky, having you to help with training my 2-year-old cockapoo has truly been an education. Your gentle, compassionate approach, together with the exercises and games that you've taught us, have resulted not only in a calmer, more relaxed young dog, but also a happier cat and a grateful owner. It's been a Win Win experience. Thank you very much...
Susan T


Cats fighting with each other

“The cats seem to be doing great. The fighting between them is greatly reduced, to the point where I would say it might have stopped. In addition we caught India giving McGee a really good wash, licking him all over as if there wasn’t a problem between the two of them at all. She’s also lying down in different areas of the house such as the middle of the bedroom floor. She’s never behaved in such a way, and we’re interpreting it as that she must be much more comfortable in the house and not having to hide away in a ‘safe place’. She’s also playing much more, with food and toys. Thank you so much.”
Paul W


Pushkins, toileting on the bed

"Hi there Vicky Thanks so much for your concern and emails. In terms of his behavior, he really has become the cat that we knew he was and he regularly plays and cuddles. The soiling of the bed has stopped and is generally as much happier cat now! Many thanks again for all your advice, I know we both (and Pushkins) are very happy that we sought you out and will recommend your services too!"
Russ and Luke


Introducing Alice to the other three cats

“When helping with introducing a fourth cat to a home: “Vicky came to our home on the day Alice arrived, to help with her introduction. Her positivity and clear love of all animals is very clear to see; everything she suggested, and which I put into practice, has meant that the whole introductory process has worked better than I could have imagined. During the 3½ weeks Alice has been here, there has been no aggression from anyone, and the atmosphere has been, and remains, calm. Thanks a zillion Vicky!”
Rita D